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No matter the size of your business, productivity and efficiency directly affect your revenue.   San Isabel Services Propane has been successfully supplying our commercial and industrial customers in the Pueblo area with a clean-burning energy-efficient fuel.

In large-scale applications, commercial propane furnaces and water heaters are reliable options for large buildings with a high demand for energy.  Hospitals, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities require huge amounts of energy, making propane the most cost-effective fuel choice.

Commercial Propane Applications

Commercial Propane Pueblo ColoradoPropane is abundantly available and has a proven record for increased productivity and performance, with the added benefit of lower carbon emissions.

For hotels, restaurants, retail, new construction, manufacturing processes, and many more commercial uses, San Isabel Services Propane provides:

  • Agricultural / Manufacturing / Commercial applications
  • Piping Design & Installation Services
  • Transport Deliveries
  • Propane Tank Refills
  • On-Site Safety and Training

San Isabel Services Propane offers comprehensive programs designed specifically for commercial and industrial operations.  Some of the many uses of propane energy include: generators, manufacturing processes, heat, cooking, water heating, commercial dryers and boilers.

Lease our Commercial Propane Tank

San Isabel Services Propane leases 250 gallon, 500 gallon, and 1000 gallon size tanks.  If you are interested in leasing a tank please contact our Pueblo office for pricing and details. Leasing a tank from San Isabel Services Propane means you will not have to worry about costly maintenance of the tank, it is maintained by our highly trained and certified Pueblo team. If you own a propane tank, don’t worry we can still refill and service your tanks. We will perform a safety check when you start a new service to ensure that your tank meets all safety requirements giving you peace of mind that your business is protected.

Under Ground Propane Tank

We provide exceptional service for all of your underground Propane tank needs. We have a highly trained and skilled team that can assess your business requirements. Please call our Pueblo office for pricing or to schedule a consultation.

Propane Safety

San Isabel Services is committed to safe and reliable propane delivery. As a licensed propane provider, we will check your propane tank for dangerous leaks and help you keep your family, home, business or farm safe and warm!  If we find any safety issues, we are prepared to repair it on site. Before we do, we will talk to you to let you know exactly what the cost will be.

Service Areas:

Beulah, Canon City, Colorado City, Florence, Gardner, La Veta, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Rye, Trinidad, Walsenburg, Westcliffe and Wetmore.

Contact Us

Propane is green, clean-burning, reliable energy source.  Reliability is a key factor and you can count on San Isabel Services Propane for your Commercial Refill & Delivery needs! Our commercial customers include schools, restaurants, church and Scout camps, the Wounded Warrior Eagle Summit Ranch and the Royal Gorge, just to name a few.

To apply for Commercial Service, please select “Apply for Commercial Service”.  In addition, please select one of the following:  “Tank Lease Agreement” if you would like to rent a propane tank from us, or “Customer Owned Tank agreement” if you own your own Propane tank.

Please contact the office @ 719-547-1214 or by email @